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This section is for other Key Learning Areas, random fun and resources for casual teachers!

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Paper Bag

Turn an A4 sheet of paper into a little bag.
Can use for Easter eggs, scavenger hunts, etc.
1 Page.
Grades: K-6.


Professional Learning Journal

A comprehensive journal for all Professional Learning!
This helps with achieving Accreditation, keeps track of standards, QTF, holds notes for all courses and meetings, looks at goal aspirations, logs professional readings and has pages for important contacts and resources.
44 Pages.


Pen Licences

Print, fold down middle, trim, fill in and laminate! 

3 different versions: Name+Sign, Just Name, and Simply Print.
6 Pages.
Grades: 3-6.


Minute To Win It Cards

Fun tasks and games for students to complete in just 1 minute.
This can be used as a competition, as fun brain breaks or as a reward.
28 different task cards.
14 Pages.
Grades: All!


Cutting Skills Booklet

To be used in conjunction with a handwriting program.
Model how to hold scissors, cut on the line, move the page around, etc.
Improve students' cutting skills.
20 Pages.
Grades: K-1


Photography Challenge Cards

Challenge cards for students to use on an ipad or digital camera.
Students take photos, pose, look at backgrounds and different techniques.
Can incorporate computer technology.
12 different topics, eg: colours, alphabet, emotions.
12 Pages.


Thumbprint Keepsake

Remember your class each year by getting them to place their thumbprint around the tree using paint.
Give this as a gift to a colleague teacher or student teacher.
2 Different Designs, 4 Pages.


Autograph Page - Keepsake

Decorated pages to use for end-of-year autograph collection.
Sign names or write messages.
6 Pages.
All Grades!


How Tall Are You? - Measuring Fun

Make a display with these measuring pictures and let students see what animals they are similar to in height.
12 different animals, including mouse, kangaroo, horse, dinosaur.
2 different displays.
16 Pages.
All grades.


Lego Challenge

Students draw a card and make the object out of Lego or blocks.
32 different cards.
8 Pages.
Grades: K-6.


Animal Bingo - Class Set

32 bingo cards for your whole class to be able to play bingo at once!
Instructions and draw cards included.
Black and white copy to be printed on coloured card.
Grades: 2-6.


Weekly Wonder - Poster

Start a school trivia competition, or interest children with fun facts.
Pack contains a poster and over 100 questions or fun pieces of knowledge.
Simply laminate and write with a whiteboard marker, changing it each week!
All grades!


Play Doh Tips - Poster

Rainbow poster with rules for using Play Doh.
(Variation labelled as 'Fun Dough Tips')
4 Pages.


iPad Tips - Poster

Bright poster with rules for using the iPad.
(Variation labelled as 'Tablet Tips')
4 Pages.


Class Books - Covers + Proforma

This pack has coloured book covers and writing proformas for 6 books to make with your class.
Just staple or bind and let your little authors enjoy!
Grades: K-2.


Graphic Notation - Music

Choose an environment/theme for students to focus on, eg: Beach, garden, classroom. They draw 4 pictures, then turn the symbols into a song.
Example of activity included.
Grades: K-4.


Dice Mats

Stop dice from escaping all around the room - Students need to keep the dice on the mat when playing games!
4 pages - 3 different colours and black-and-white copy.


Nature Hunts

This pack contains a leaf, rock and nature scavenger hunt.
Head outside and without disturbing nature, find objects on the list.
Grades: K-4.


Make A Rainbow

Roll the dice and see what colour you can add to your rainbow!
Try to fill the whole rainbow up!
Grades: K-2.


All About Australia - Boardgame

Australian Trivia Game
Questions relating to cities, states, weather, coins, landmarks and celebrations.
4 different printing options.
Grades: 3-6.


Collection Game

Students play against each other to try and secure the most items.
Dice rolls tell them whether to gain or lose pieces.
Grades: K-6


Build It Up - Boardgame

Students compete against each other to build the tallest tower.
A fun game to use with any stacking blocks.
Grades: K-4.


Feel Good Book Templates

Includes templates for 6 different shaped mini-books for students to write a compliment about a classmate. Comes with instructions and extra ideas.
Black and White copy only.
Can be used for other purposes



Classic game where you fold the paper to make a chatterbox and spell out words, then reveal a secret message. Great for casual teachers!
3 black and white versions included.
Grades: 2-6. (Instructions attached)



Just some fun bookmarks for students to colour in.
Great for casual teachers.
Best printed on cardstock.

Black and White copy only.


Ocean Adventure - Board Game

A board game to be played just for fun. Based on a cute ocean theme. Students may be lucky enough to take short cuts or gain an extra roll.
Colour copy only.
Grades: K-6


I have, Who has? - Proforma Cards

These game cards are blank so you can create a game to your own needs.
You set the difficulty level, make the correct amount of cards for your class and personalise with theme words, etc.

Instructions and Ideas included.
Grades: K-6.


A Timely Game

Students answer basic trivia about days, weeks, celebrations, seasons, etc.
Brightly coloured and fun board game!
Full colour copy only.
Grades: 2-5


Reminder Bands

Remind students to bring in absent notes, payments or that an excursion is on with these cute bands.
Fasten to wrists with sticky tape.


Class Adventures - Personalised Book

Create a class book with a personalised story for each child.
Class interact with each other to come up with ideas and illustrate their adventure.
Grades: K-3.


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